Our products are technically developed to satisfy the energy and metabolic needs of equine athletes. The indications or therapeutic effects described aim optimizing equine sport performance.

This product line was formulated to satisfy all therapeutic needs of veterinarians. We pride on the quality, safety and effectiveness standards of our products, as well as on their practical and user-friendly formats.

This product line was formulated for the immediate control of inflammatory processes typically found in the daily practice of veterinary medicine, making a difference in terms of effectiveness and strength.

We offer the most effective product line providing additional nutritional support for normal and healthy joint function, preventing degenerative articular processes and control injury progression, reducing pain and foster joint lubrication and biomechanics.

This product line is essential in the development of an effective parasite control program for horses and been formulated to guarantee animal safety.

We help horses stay calm and focused in stressful situations caused by intensive sport practice, travel, management, and other daily matters, with no collateral drowsiness nor impairing sport performance.

Products designed to promote the fastest regeneration of liver and kidney tissue, stimulate appetite and protect them from stress and toxins. Essential to guarantee the health of active equines.

We are aware of the utmost importance of hoof protection, strengthening and balance and of its elastic healthy growth, so we offer a specific line of products for the prevention and treatment of hoof conditions in horses.